Collagen: why take it at menopause?
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Collagen: why take it at menopause?

Jul 06, 2023

Widely used for years in the USA, collagen is now very present in France. In powder, capsules or gummies, you cannot escape this new beauty ally. All the stars consume it like Gwyneth Paltrow who went so far as to create her own brand. But why has collagen become a staple in wellness and beauty routines?

Collagen: what is it?

Collagen is a protein. It is naturally present in the body and is found in many tissues of it. Moreover, according to a CNRS study , collagen represents about 30% of the proteins in the human body.

Thus, it is present in your skin, your bones, your joints and even your muscles. Small surprise, it is she who is responsible for the elasticity of your skin and connective tissues. Nevertheless, even naturally present in your body, it is not inexhaustible. Know that, from the age of 30, the level of collagen in your body decreases at the rate of 1.5% per year.

How do you know if your collagen levels are falling?

The first sign is the appearance of wrinkles. For what ? Because collagen allows you to maintain the elasticity of your skin. So when your collagen levels go down, the first wrinkles start to show up.

Another clue, your hair! Yes, with a decrease in the level of collagen, the space around the follicles has micro-vessels that will transport the nutrients necessary for your body but, above all, your hair. A collagen deficiency induces a weakening of this network and therefore a thinning of your hair. They become duller and are more difficult to style.

However, other things can put you on the right track, such as:

  • the formation of spots on the skin;
  • the appearance of joint pain;
  • a decrease in your bone density;
  • hair loss...

In short, you will understand, a loss of collagen means the beginning of the first signs of aging.

Loss of collagen: what solutions?

Collagen is a naturally stored protein in your body and your body does not make it during your lifetime. Thus, only a few solutions are available to you to find a peach complexion, silky hair and say goodbye to your joint pain.

1 – Massage is life

You have certainly already seen people performing massages with a jade roller. You may even have wondered what it could be used for. Laboratoires üma therefore gives you the answer today, it serves to improve the elasticity of your skin but also to reduce wrinkles.

In fact, regular massages on the face allow you to stimulate the production of collagen. But be careful because if you stimulate the production, this will not allow you to stop a loss of collagen.

2 – How about testing our Iconique Collagen?

Another solution is to take collagen supplements. While many try powdered collagen, it is sometimes difficult to drink it because of the taste or texture. This is why Laboratoires üma offers you capsules that you can also take with you everywhere, even on vacation.

Why take supplements? Because they will have an effect on all the tissues of your body. They will allow you to replenish your reserves. You can say goodbye to your first wrinkles, your dull hair, your brittle nails and, icing on the cake, your joint pain.

Additionally, Iconique Collagen restores nutrients and collagen that are affected by your low estrogen levels. 100% natural and based on marine collagen, it allows you to see the first results from 30 days.

Now that you know more about collagen, why not try your first cure with our Iconique Collagen? Order now and take it everywhere with you, even during your holidays!

With love, The Laboratoires üma team

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