Why do you gain weight during menopause?
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Why do you gain weight during menopause?

Jul 06, 2023

Menopause is the phase undergone by all women between the ages of 45 and 55. Indicative of ovulation's end, it also marks the start of deep alterations, both psychologically and physically. The toughest part for some women to handle? Increased weight and body form modifications. So, how do you preserve your physique during menopause? Our expert panel is set to elaborate further in this piece.

Menopause: what is it?

During this period, menstruation stops permanently. This is a completely natural phenomenon that marks the end of egg production by the ovaries. It is also the beginning of many symptoms that can vary between each individual: fatigue, weight gain, irritability, depression, bloating, hot flashes and many others.

In all, there are about 48 different symptoms of menopause! In addition, menopause increases the risk of certain diseases such as osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease.

How does it affect your metabolism?

As we told you, during this period, your ovaries stop working. The menopause will then be definitively installed when your periods have completely stopped. Nevertheless, for a certain period of time, changes will take place.

What are they due to? It's simple, the ovaries are responsible for the production of estrogen and progesterone, 2 essential hormones in women. Estrogens act on different organs such as the mammary glands, bones, uterine lining or skin.

And progesterone? Know that in reality, menopause does not occur suddenly but gradually. Indeed, it is first your progesterone level that gradually drops. Estrogen is therefore found in excess in your body and results in increased water retention and fat accumulation.

So, is gaining weight inevitable? Yes and no ! In fact, almost 50% of women see their bodies change during perimenopause and see a gain of 4 to 6 kg during this period alone. Moreover, very often, these few extra pounds are located in the stomach, arms and even back. And, although you may want to go on a diet, know that it is much more difficult to lose them during your menopause!

Is it dangerous for your health?

The fat you gain in the belly area is actually visceral fat. Concretely, this means that this fat will not only round your belly but also surround your organs and in particular your heart. Ultimately, this can therefore represent a real danger for you.

And yes, when this fat begins to settle, it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease but also diabetes, heart attack, heart attack and hypertension. In short, you will understand, it is not good to let these fats settle comfortably. So how to get rid of it? Our experts tell you more here !

Why should you try Harmonie Daily?

Harmonie Daily allows you to fight against the 48 symptoms of menopause. It contains vitamin B6 in particular. Know that B vitamins can be a great ally against weight gain. Thus, vitamin B6 is responsible for the production of digestive enzymes that help with weight loss.

Similarly, Harmonie Daily contains soy which is a formidable aid for weight loss. Indeed, it has a satiating power because of its high protein and isoflavone content, phytoestrogens which activates your metabolism and allows you to spend more energy.

Want to find the line and stop your weight gain due to menopause? So order now our Harmonie Daily cure which will not only allow you to lose the extra pounds but also soothe the other symptoms of menopause.

With love, The Laboratoires üma team

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