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It’ a week that I’m taking uma harmony. So far all good. I guess it would take a little bit longer to have a real opinion on this product. I’m so happy to try this product out ☺️

Oh La La® - Menopause Weight Defeated
Sarah A (Alphen aan den Rijn)

I am satisfied with this product and now I just have to wait and see the results, and I actually feel calmer and no bloating and much less hot flashes.

Good but not good

Its very good for keep craving away, I feel satisfied after eat, but make me very constipaded.

Harmonie Daily® - Menopause Relief, Redefined
Laure Castel (Soisy-sous-Montmorency)

Après une semaine mes réveils nocturnes et les bouffées de chaleur ont nettement diminué

Better than expected

This supplement has helped me regain energy and mental clarity,as a bonus less aches and pains.

Harmonie Daily

This product really works. I could not get my supply quick enough. Should have ordered 2 bottles. Overall, I would recommend to women going through menopause.

Using Harmonie Daily

Fantastic natural remedy to combat the menopause brouhaha

Feeling hopeful

I am half way through my second months supply and am definitely starting to feel the benefits. I am having hardly any hot flushes, meh joints are not as painful and my severe anxiety has significantly reduced. Thank you!

Just Started

Hi Team, I have only started taking these supplements so won't be able to review as yet ❤️

Harmonie Daily® - Menopause Relief, Redefined
Kirstie Schotte (Spruce Grove)
Hot flushes be gone

Definitely helped with relieving hot flushes. I still have them occasionally, but compared to what it was like before, they’re nearly gone. Hoping I have better sleep soon too.

Great product

It's been a long time since I used this product, but I can already feel a slight change in my body. The customer service is also very good, quickly answering all my questions. I am satisfied with the products and services from üma laboratories

Smooth Transition

Harmonie Daily has made my menopause transition remarkably smooth. No more dread!

Здравствуйте Olga, easing transitions is our goal. We're with you every step.

Blossoming Passions

Harmonie infused life into my withered bonsai passion. My garden thrives now.

Cultivate serenity, Riku. Every leaf speaks your story.

No More Office Chill

Those sudden chills at the office? Way better now. It's made work more bearable and my colleagues have noticed the difference in my mood.

Great to hear, Eva! Here's to more comfortable and productive days at work.

Feeling Myself Again

I was constantly on edge and just not feeling like myself. Harmonie helped level things out. It's nice to feel more in control of my mood.

Clara, we're thrilled to hear that. Always be the amazing you!

Serene Slumbers

Sleep eluded me for so long. Now, every night is a deep dive into serene slumbers.

Здравей Dimitri, sleep's embrace is a treasure. Dream away in peace!

Testament to Quality

The tangible results I've felt are a testament to the quality of this product.

Pozdrav Lara, showcasing quality through tangible results is our promise. Your acknowledgment means everything!

Ma retraite sereine

Je voulais profiter de ma retraite sans être entravée par les symptômes. Harmonie m'a aidé à vivre cette nouvelle étape de ma vie avec sérénité et bonheur.

Mireille, nous sommes ravis d'avoir contribué à rendre votre retraite plus agréable et sereine. Profitez pleinement de chaque instant. Merci.

Energetica tutto il giorno

La stanchezza mi teneva giù, ma grazie a Harmonie ho ritrovato la mia energia.

Beatrice, siamo contenti di aiutarti a ritrovare la tua verve! Grazie per il tuo feedback.

In Awe of the Results

After 3 months, I'm in awe. The transformation is evident.

Hallo Petra, witnessing transformations like yours keeps us inspired. Keep thriving!

Tranquility Restored

I've regained a sense of tranquility that I thought was lost.

Hej Lars, restoring tranquility is a core mission. We're elated to be part of your calm.

Expertly Formulated

The ingredients are top-notch. Expertly formulated for maximum benefit.

Hello Nia, your keen observation means a lot. We're meticulous about our formulations.

Recuperando el ritmo

El cansancio era mi compañero constante. Con Harmonie, me siento rejuvenecida y llena de energía.

Ana, ¡qué maravilloso que ahora te sientas llena de vida y energía! Gracias por confiar en Harmonie.

Le soutien dont j'avais besoin

Avec les années, mon corps changeait et je ne savais pas comment gérer. Harmonie m'a fourni le soutien et le réconfort nécessaires.

Françoise, chaque étape de la vie a ses défis. Nous sommes fiers de vous soutenir à travers ces changements.

Un renouveau quotidien

Grâce à Harmonie, j'ai retrouvé une joie de vivre que je croyais perdue. Mes journées sont plus douces et mes nuits plus paisibles.

Julie, c'est un honneur de participer à ce renouveau dans votre vie. Merci pour votre confiance.